Logging Docker container output to individual files via Syslog

I'm not big on Rsyslog syntax, it's a bit overwhelming at first, though documentation is plentiful.. Here is how you can log Docker container output to »

remaining tickets count from Eventbrite, without API

I've been helping out with an event, where for main event site we used shared GitHub repo with GRAV CMS, which is fantastic by the way »

[Schrodinger's] cat in a box

Is it dead or alive? - you won't know until you open it.. docker run --rm anapsix/catinabox again.. docker run --rm anapsix/catinabox #docker #fun »

#offrhyme #tinderPoerty

shared economy swiping decisions delinquent emotions lackluster responses original content by mutual consent "hello" as a service "how are you" as platform »


"an egg in a chicken" => "a chick in an egg", "a life in a nutshell" => [ "is phantom effect", "302/redirect", "is cruelest verdict", "is »

#docker #nyancat

this is how we docker.. »