Experimenting with Rancher and K8s in local dev environment

Rancher 'n KIND - running Rancher with ephemeral K8s cluster for local testing.

If you'd like to experiment with Rancher and K8s in local dev environment, KIND is just the right thing for ephemeral K8s clusters. Kind is a tool for running local Kubernetes clusters using Docker container "nodes". It's super helpful when developing K8s, to build images with your changes, and quickly spin up an instance for a test.
Even if you are not developing K8s, kind is a great tool to provision a local K8s cluster for testing.


Fulfilling a need to test Rancher integration with K8s, and run experiments with this setup, I've made a naive helper script to start Rancher instance in Docker, and launch a kind cluster for it to use.

Available as Github Gist: rkind.sh