Better progress bar..

Better progress bar with ProgressBar.js and Stratified.js

Progress bars are great stupid useless helpful inevitable.. sometimes.

Instead of using a predictable linear progress bar, let's make logarithmic one.. well, square root function actually.
Why? Well.. using a non-linear progress bar could entice user to complete the task, when it appears more rewarding at start. Naturally, it could have an opposite effect when user notices little [perceived] progress, so use it with caution. Though, hopefully your subject is invested enough in whatever [s]he is doing, to see it though.

Let's use a simple and beautiful Progressbar.JS by Kimmo Brunfeldt, to make things easier.
I'm using Stratified here for the sole purpose of using it's hold functionality, allowing for a short pause in the for loop of a demo script (notice the script type="text/sjs").

Try it for yourself (